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Sounds Of Subterrania

The ashtrays in the music cellar are getting cold. Nobody coughs, the beer tastes stale, and the disco ball spinning in slow motion is missing its sequins. Only a small illuminated sign shines on the counter. Tonight: LO FAT ORCHESTRA – New Wave HIT-MACHINE from Schaffhausen, Switzerland. The band - three men with a sense of well-rounded melodies - sets off on a ghost ride. “I’m not your dancer,” sings Chrisi Schmid, the singer behind the powerful synthesizer who writes the lyrics without writing them down. “I’m not your fucker.” I’m not your puppet, you clown. This is the essence of the new Lo-Fat album “LFO_09”, which contains eight songs. That the name of the album just as well could come from a UFO is consistent. You don't have to belong or want to be cool to be cool. When in doubt, for the benefit of the doubt. “I was afraid to talk to you,” sings Chrisi in the song “Sound,” and his synth jumps around in a wild dance. “I was afraid I wouldn’t like you. And I didn’t want to be like you.” The band still doesn’t need a guitar. The bass works for two (the new bassist is Dominic Rubli). Drummer Daniel Zimmermann switches between karacho, ballads and assembly line seemingly effortlessly. “Love is for free,” sings Chrisi in the wonderful ballad “Good Times.” “This place is killing me.”

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