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BAD BRAINS • God Of Love (Reissue, 180g) • LP

BAD BRAINS • God Of Love (Reissue, 180g) • LP

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Hardcore punk pioneers Bad Brains released their sixth full-length God Of Love in 1995. The original line-up was back together, and the album was promoted with a big tour and concerts on the Beastie Boys' Ill Communication Tour. The album has that typical Bad Brains mix of reggae, hardcore, punk, and hard rock, all mixed to a perfect blend. The band continued to evolve and created such a versatile album that people from different backgrounds felt attracted to it.

01. Cool Mountaineer
02. Justice Keepers
03. Long Time
04. Rights Of A Child
05. God Of Love
06. Overs The Water
07. Tongue Tee Tie
08. Darling I Need You
09. To The Heavens
10. Thank Jah
11. Big Fun
12. How I Love Thee
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