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DEAD MOON • Live at Ecstasy Berlin • DoLP

DEAD MOON • Live at Ecstasy Berlin • DoLP

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After 33 years, Dead Moon's legendary New Year's Eve concert at Berlin's Club Ecstasy is now available on vinyl.

Fans discovered a long-lost cassette recording and have self-released it as a limited edition record. This uncut live recording features one of Dead Moon's first-ever European concerts, including 24 songs. Among them is a version of Lou Reed's "Waiting for the Man" sung by Toody Cole, which had never been released on vinyl until now. Despite the age of the tape and the technical limitations of the time, the recording quality is surprisingly good. Unfortunately, tracks B6 and D7 are incomplete, as they were cut off when the cassette's A/B sides ended.

The record is limited to 300 hand-numbered copies, pressed on recycled vinyl at Matter Of Fact in Güstrow.

For Dead Moon fans, this release is a must-have and a wonderful tribute to Toody & Fred Cole and Andrew Loomis.

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