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DIE NERVEN • Wir Waren Hier • LP • Pre-Order

DIE NERVEN • Wir Waren Hier • LP • Pre-Order

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Glitterhouse Records
Release date: 19. September 2024

"Wir waren hier" ("We Were Here") is the new studio album by the group Die Nerven. It is the trio's sixth album. Kevin Kuhn, Julian Knoth, and Max Rieger recorded the new songs during a four-week session in a former Michelin-star restaurant at Stuttgart's Schlossplatz, with a view of the opera house.
On "Wir waren hier," Die Nerven have never come closer on a studio album to capturing the aura of their live performances – the musical spontaneity of their on-stage interplay, the stop-and-go of their improvisations, the joy of mutual surprises, and finally: the collective release into catharsis.
Their music is still angry, loud, dramatic – perhaps one might even say nihilistic. But it is a more mature nihilism than what we have known from Die Nerven so far. In their music, you still fly over heaps of junk, barren heaths, desolate lands, and bleak cities. But now, beautiful touches of sound shimmer over the scene, like the last rays of sunlight before an eternal night or the iridescent sheen of an oil film on a polluted sea.

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