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DIFFUS • Magazine

DIFFUS • Magazine

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DIFFUS 002 / Spring 2024: 

It features 128 pages of content and includes a large, double-sided poster.
In German language. 

For the cover story, we conducted a rare interview with Brutalism 3000. The duo first shook up the Techno scene in Berlin, then the rest of the country, and with their latest tour, all of Europe. They are soon to make their U.S. live debut in New York and perform at Coachella. Their first album "ULTRAKUNST" presents a sound they describe as "Nu-Gabber-Post-Techno-Punk".As part of their tour finale in Berlin, Brutalism 3000 discuss their goals, musical style, inspiration, fashion ambitions, and the political undertones of their music, as seen in songs like "Europaträume".

Also in this issue: exclusive interviews with Paula Hartmann, Trettmann, Berq, Lena, Team Scheisse, Roy Bianco & the Abbrunzati Boys, UCHE YARA, 3lna, and Denise Rudolf Frank. Additionally, there is a tribute to the AJZ culture, stories about Female Fandom, and a new, bold, pink genre. Furthermore, we take a look back at the last 10 years of DIFFUS and kick off the open-air summer with a festival special.

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