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Salinas Records

Chicago's Distants are a young band but are decidedly old souls. Frontman Alex Angus spends time on their new EP "ii" complaining of aches and pains, a decaying body and just generally caring less. Like their 2018, self-titled 7", their latest effort has more of throaty melodic punk that you expect from Midwest bands like Dillinger Four or Canadian Rifles, paired with a classic rock guitar sense that likely comes from Angus’ love of Van Halen. Angus came to Chicago from the equally cold and miserable Grand Rapids, Michigan, the city where he met Distants bassist Zac and guitarist Benj both of whom had also made the move to the Windy City. Adding Andy, a native Ohioan, on drums solidified the band and meant that collectively their collective resume included bands from all over the Midwest like Annabel, Wormburner, Pinto, Brothers, What Gives? and the aforementioned Canadian Rifle. 

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