THE DOWNTOWN STRUTS • Hope You're Dope • 12"

THE DOWNTOWN STRUTS • Hope You're Dope • 12"

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Victoria! took DOWNTOWN STRUTS all over the world, and this inward reflection clearly showed that Dan Cooper and the gang came back with a new outlook on things. Tinges of this new direction were scattered through their split with NOTHINGTON (Asian Man Records, 2013), but this recording session definitely explored new musical avenues and influences, yielding something leagues apart from Victoria (2012). Much like you can follow the (musical) progression of hugely successful bands like WEEZER, BUILT TO SPILL, or GREEN DAY, this album allows you to gain a deeper understanding of a band that may not have left such a multi-dimensional impression with their first few releases. This band certainly grew and evolved, and the men did as well. The spectacular songwriting that DOWNTOWN STRUTS consistently pumped out was refreshing to see, that unlike so many bands, by not rehashing it and giving fans a familiar, calculated new release to get bored with quickly. It’s a fair assessment that lots of DOWNTOWN STRUTS’ fans loved this right out of the package; and it grew on others. Staying true to the passion that DOWNTOWN STRUTS had for life, friendship, and making top-quality tunes, this EP showed how diverse one band can be, and how their message and angst can manifest itself many ways! Take a chance on this EP - you’ll be glad you did!

Side A:

1. American Animals
2. Bipolar

Side B:
3. Italian Homes
4. Abused
5. Battle of Britain

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