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ENDSEEKER • Mount Carcass (Leaf Green Marbled Vinyl - ltd. 300) • LP

ENDSEEKER • Mount Carcass (Leaf Green Marbled Vinyl - ltd. 300) • LP

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Metal Blade Records

Having become one of the premier German death metal bands - and rapidly rising the ranks of the genre as a whole - Endseeker storm back into the fray with Mount Carcass. Building on the groundwork laid down on Flesh Hammer Prophecy and having the difficult task of besting stunning The Harvest they have returned with a streamlined, powerful collection that further raises the bar.

To keep the genre sounding fresh, Endseeker focused on the production, having just a touch of the old school vibe to remain rooted, and they did not limit themselves too hard to the Swedish death metal style of songwriting they previously embraced, but also let other influences into their songs. You can hear all kinds of stuff that is inspired by bands like Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower, Slayer, Dissection, Gorefest, etc. We listen to so many different bands and somehow a bit from all of this keeps adding to our music.

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