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FAIM • Your Life And Nothing Else (Pink Vinyl) • LP

FAIM • Your Life And Nothing Else (Pink Vinyl) • LP

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 "Your Life And Nothing Else," the second full-length record from Denver, CO's Faim, sees the band develop into a dynamic blend of hardcore, post-hardcore, screamo, and even at times - shoegaze. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Oathbreaker), this record delivers some of Faim's most aggressive, heavy, and stinging criticisms while at the same time, showcases them at their most melodic, slow, and vulnerable.

Combined, "Your Life And Nothing Else" creates a sense of tension - the kind you feel before breaking down or reaching some epiphany or clarification - that takes you through ups and downs, and maintains for 22 minutes.

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