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FAT MIKE • Gets Strung Out (Transparent Red Vinyl) • LP

FAT MIKE • Gets Strung Out (Transparent Red Vinyl) • LP

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Release date: 1 December 2023
Transparent Red Vinyl = Exclusive German Indie Retail 

This album takes NOFX’s beloved tunes and transforms them into classical masterpieces. 
Check out what Fat Mike had to say about the project:

Why make a strings album? It’s not because I always like to push my limits. It’s because I wanted to hear what my songs sound like without guitar chords and those pesky vocals and backup vocals. I wanted to hear every note in its purest form. I wanted a sad song to sound sad even though there are no words. I wanted to make something I thought my parents would play at a dinner party….well, if they were alive. I wanted to make something that would be liked by more than just punk fans. But mostly, I just wanted to have fun making an album I had never made before… And guess what? Baz and I are almost done with the next album. Fun!

Track Listing

1. One Million Coasters
2. Life… Oh What a Drag
3. Medio-Core
4. The Art of Protest
5. Total Bummer
6. I'm a Rat
7. Fuck Day Six
8. She's Gone
9. The Desperation's Gone
10. La Pieta

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