GARRETT KLAHN • S/T (Pink Vinyl) • LP • Pre-Order
GARRETT KLAHN • S/T (Pink Vinyl) • LP • Pre-Order

GARRETT KLAHN • S/T (Pink Vinyl) • LP • Pre-Order

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On its way from California to St. Pauli

Garrett Klahn sold over 65,000 albums as the frontman of Texas Is The Reason, who were the cornerstone of the ’90s emo movement and remain very influential in modern emo. They have successfully embedded themselves in the history of emo, not to mention indie rock as a whole. Their albums were the blueprints and Garrett Klahn was the architect. Texas Is The Reason disbanded in 1997, but Garrett Klahn never stopped writing and recording. He played in various other bands (Copper, Solea, New Rising Sons, Atlantic/Pacific and Felled Trees), but his solo material has always been his real passion. He always knew that the time would come to release an album, but the moment needed to be just right.

After years of writing and re-writing songs, Garrett Klahn’s self-titled full-length is finally here. Garrett has evolved into a polished singer/songwriter, combining a structured balance of powerful and melodic guitars, equally measured drums, and an earnest vocal delivery close to that found on the other side of the Atlantic. His simple desire for melody and a story remains an inspirational thread throughout. His self-titled record is something that his rabid, cult-like fan base has been waiting for, and it surely will not disappoint.


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