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GOOD RIDDANCE • Operation Phoenix • LP

GOOD RIDDANCE • Operation Phoenix • LP

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Fat Wreck 

Their darkest and most aggressive album yet. Technically superb (and super fast) music combined with vocalist Russ' smart, angry lyrics make this Good Riddance's best album ever.

Track Listing:

1. Shadows of Defeat
2. Blueliner
3. Hardest Part
4. Eighteen Seconds
5. Heresy, Hypocrisy, and Revenge
6. Self-Fulfilling Catastrophe
7. Article IV
8. Indoctrination
9. Shit-Talking Capitolists
10. Letters Home
11. 30 Day Wonder
12. Dear Cammi
13. Yesterday Died-Tomorrow Won't Be Born
14. Winning the Hearts and Minds
15. Time and a Place
16. Second Coming
17. After the Nightmare

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