GRABASS CHARLESTONS • Dale And The Careeners • LP

GRABASS CHARLESTONS • Dale And The Careeners • LP

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No Idea Records

"The GRABASS CHARLESTONS are something like the No Idea house band, as two of the band members work at the label based in Gainesville, Florida, which once gave us bands like HOT WATER MUSIC and AGAINST ME!.

And since the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, here we also get the very best rough punk rock, which unfolds its charm through simplicity and carefree attitude, characteristic of that college town and the label in particular.

This is guitar music focused on the essentials, with all the excess thrown overboard in the form of effects. Among other things, there are vocal guest appearances by Chris Wollard (HOT WATER MUSIC) and Neil Hennessy (LAWRENCE ARMS).
It's endearing and almost a sure thing for fans of the genre!"
(Ox Fanzine)

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