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GREEN DAY • Kerplunk (Reissue) LP + 7"

GREEN DAY • Kerplunk (Reissue) LP + 7"

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Lookout Records / Reprise
Release date: Currently on its way from California to St. Pauli. Arriving in mid/late March 2024. 

First of all, I apologize for the price! Unfortunately, there is no European distributor carrying this reissue. Since I've been searching for Kerplunk on vinyl for what feels like forever, I decided to order besides the one for me some additional copies from a US distributor. Even there, one copy was already quite expensive, and when factoring in shipping, taxes, and customs, it came to a total of 50 EUR. It's crazy.

This reissue comes on 180 gram black vinyl. Includes the Kerplunk! LP with a full-size insert, and a separate 7" reissue of the Sweet Children EP, which is marked 'Promotion Only'. 

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