HIGH ON FIRE • Cometh The Storm • DoLP

HIGH ON FIRE • Cometh The Storm • DoLP

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MNKR Music Group
Release date: 19. April 2024

High on Fire, the sludge-metal greats helmed by Sleep's Matt Pike, have returned with their first album in a long six years, Cometh the Storm. 
It was co-produced by Converge’s Kurt Ballou, and is their first album to feature Coady Willis on drums.



1. Lambsbread
2. Burning Down
3. Trismegistus
4  Cometh the Storm
5. Karanlik Yol (instrumental)
6. Sol’s Golden Curse
7. The Beating
8. Tough Guy
9. Lighting Beard
10. Hunting Shadows
11. Darker Fleece


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