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HOT WATER MUSIC • Exister (Double Mint & Gray Smush Vinyl) • LP

HOT WATER MUSIC • Exister (Double Mint & Gray Smush Vinyl) • LP

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Rise Records
Double Mint & Gray Smush Vinyl -> limited to 1.048 copies

Hot Water Music has never had a hit single or seen their faces plastered all over MTV, but over the years, the act has done something far more impressive: they've achieved lasting relevance that most of the aforementioned acts could only dream of. Since forming in the early nineties in Gainesville, Florida, Hot Water Music has released seven full-length albums, countless singles, and toured with everyone from Flogging Molly to Coheed and Cambria along the way. However, all of those stats are overshadowed by the fact that for nearly two decades, this four-piece has stayed true to their roots, themselves, and their music in the face of countless fads and generational shifts.

Hot Water Music was born in 1993, and since then, the four-piece has never looked back. By combining elements of punk rock and post-hardcore with rock and roll, the band pioneered a unique blend of music that has set them apart as innovators of a movement that has inspired bands like Rise Against, The Gaslight Anthem, and Against Me!. Ironically, Hot Water Music seems bigger these days than ever before. They've been able to keep all of their old fans as well as establish a whole new generation of fans whose enthusiasm for the band is just as strong, if not stronger.

With high expectations set by critics and fans alike, Hot Water Music headed into the studio with Bill Stevenson (Rise Against, The Descendants, NOFX) to craft their highly anticipated new album 'Exister'."

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