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INTEGRITY • All Death Is Mine: Total Domination • LP

INTEGRITY • All Death Is Mine: Total Domination • LP

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Relapse Records
Release date: 23. February 2024
Gold Nugget Vinyl - limited to 2115 copies 

The album "All Death is Mine: Total Domination" by Integrity was released by Relapse Records. This highly anticipated release showcases the raw power and intensity that Integrity is known for, delivering a relentless assault of aggressive music that will leave listeners in awe.

From the moment the first track kicks in, it's clear that this album means business. The crushing guitars, thunderous drums, and guttural vocals combine to create a wall of sound that is both punishing and captivating. Each song on "All Death is Mine: Total Domination" is a sonic onslaught, with no filler or wasted moments.

Integrity has always been known for their unique blend of hardcore punk and metal influences, and this album takes their sound to new heights. The band effortlessly weaves together elements of thrash, black metal, and even hints of industrial music to create a truly genre-defying experience.

Lyrically, "All Death is Mine: Total Domination" explores themes of darkness, despair, and rebellion. The lyrics are thought-provoking and introspective, offering a glimpse into the twisted mind of frontman Dwid Hellion. With lines like "Embrace the void / Embrace your demise," the album's message is clear - there is no escape from death.

Overall, "All Death is Mine: Total Domination" is an album that demands to be heard. It's a relentless assault on the senses that will leave listeners breathless and craving more. Whether you're a longtime fan of Integrity or new to their sound, this album is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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