KMPFSPRT • Aus Gegebenem Anlass • LP

KMPFSPRT • Aus Gegebenem Anlass • LP

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Rookie Records

For the band's fifth album, KMPFSPRT have teamed up with producer duo Kurt Ebelhäuser and Michel Wern (Pascow, Donots, among others) for the second time.

The songs are shorter, get to the point faster and throw any ballast from the old days overboard. Despite this - or perhaps because of it - the songs sound 100% like KMPFSPRT. Punk? Pop? Indie? Post-hardcore? Simply everything, please. Mission accomplished. "Aus gegebenem Anlass" is the band's first album on the Hamburg label Rookie. Because even if the world goes to the dogs - there's one thing you can rely on: KMPFSPRT provide the soundtrack. Hittig, cunning, biting. And then the whole thing on repeat.

"Kmpfsprt's fifth album sounds as impetuous as their debut and captures the current zeitgeist [...] Lyrically, Kmpfsprt remain outsiders with broad grins and clear opinions." (VISIONS, April 2024)

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