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LIVE, DO NOTHING • Hiraeth & Loathing • LP

LIVE, DO NOTHING • Hiraeth & Loathing • LP

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Debut album from Cardiff indie-pop collective Live, Do Nothing (ex-members of Rosehip Teahouse/Deadlines).
Hiraeth & Loathing explores feeling disconnected from your childhood self.
The record questions if there is value in re-discovering this inner child, or if we’re better off eschewing the trappings of nostalgia and living for our current reality instead.

Since their debut Ep, 2018’s “Oh Dear”, a collection of scrappy indie-punk songs from the original four piece lineup, the band has doubled in size (and is still growing!).

Countless numbers of new instruments have been added to the mix, including: vibraphone, toy piano, violin, flute and saxophone.

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