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LOCAL DRAGS • Mess Of Everything • LP

LOCAL DRAGS • Mess Of Everything • LP

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Stardumb Records

Third album by Lanny Durbin's Local Drags from Springfield, Illinois. 

With 'Mess of Everything', the power pop style of previous releases has been twisted and cracked a bit, in fitting with the album’s title. More layered guitars, looser instrumentation, weird tones. Pulling a little from wider influences such as ’Summerteeth’-era Wilco, as well as Tom Petty, the music finds the band at a different angle. The sharp songwriting has a darker sheen this time around, yet still allows optimism to lead the way. Burning out but, hey, it could be worse! 

Once again recorded by Luke McNeill (The CopyrightsStarter JacketsHospital Job). 


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