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MELVINATOR • The Rise Of The Melvinator (Orange Vinyl) • LP

MELVINATOR • The Rise Of The Melvinator (Orange Vinyl) • LP

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Bottles To The Ground Records / Fat Wreck
Orange Vinyl = Exclusive color for German recordstores

The Rise of the Melvinator is upon us with brand new versions of NOFX staples! Eric Melvin of NOFX recorded these over the course of two years alongside engineer Baz The Frenchman, and Producer Fat Mike. The album also features a tantalizing collaboration with Danny Lohner of Nine inch Nails.

Track Listing

1. American Errorist
2. Suits and Ladders
3. Bottles to the Ground
4. Drop the World (Melissa's Version)
5. I Believe in Goddess
6. Regaining Unconsciousness
7. Reeko
8. American Errorist (BAZ Remix)

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