MERCY UNION • Cat Nap • 12" EP

MERCY UNION • Cat Nap • 12" EP

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Gunner Records

4-track acoustic EP by the band led by Jared Hart (The Scandals) and Benny Horowitz (The Gaslight Anthem) released in 2024 as a 12" vinyl

With their last album "White Tiger" (2022), the US quartet has once again improved significantly, epic moments and grand gestures by the meter, melodic punk rock of the 90s meets the great role models of US heartland rock as well as moments of soul and Americana in perfection. Just in time for the support shows they are playing for Samiam in Germany in January 2024, the musicians from New Jersey have a special vinyl gem in their luggage: "Cat Nap" contains four "White Tiger" songs - but in wonderfully acoustic, specially arranged ballad versions.

And because the four songs "1998", "Prussian Blue", "Janeway" and "So Long Siberia" could easily fit on a 12" side, the band had them pressed twice, on the A and B sides! 

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