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Beach Impediment

MONEY? MONEY! MONEY are the Texas blackened metal punks who dropped that FINAL BAG Demo and 3 A.M. ETERNAL EP on us in recent years.
It can be hard to keep up with the deluge of mostly bullshit that comes up on a daily basis but MONEY stands alone.
Their "members of" list is impressive but it’s unnecessary in light of the blistering 1-2 of licks and rapid fire drums.
Amphetamine fueled riffs for moral decline. 

Remastered by Arthur Rizk (of COLD WORLD, IRON AGE, ETERNAL CHAMPION, WAR HUNGRY, SUMERLANDS.....), this collection of the initial efforts by MONEY is both for the well acquainted and those who might have missed the tapes when they dropped.

FFO: Darkthrone, Anti-Cimex, Sepultura, G-Zet.

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