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MUTOID MAN • Mutants • LP

MUTOID MAN • Mutants • LP

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Sargent House

The punk rock and metal superheroes MUTOID MAN - composed of CAVE IN's singer/guitarist Steven Brodsky, CONVERGE drummer Ben Koller, and the newly added HIGH ON FIRE bassist Jeff Matz - have announced their new album: "Mutants," set to be released on July 28th via Sargent House!

Brodsky and Koller, who possess an almost telepathic chemistry, have always stood out by creating their own unique brand of blistering, hyper-focused, dynamic, and excessively fretboard-skilled metal. Taking two musicians who grew up in the hardcore world, quickly surpassing its technical demands to play even the more sophisticated variations of this sound, and then encouraging them to playfully venture into audacious and catchy territories together, gives you a rough approximation of the MUTOID MAN sound.
However, with the new bassist Jeff Matz in tow, there is now a trio of prog-level players approaching metal with punkish disrespect on "Mutants," an album that represents their most accomplished and astonishing performance to date.

Following the success of their debut EP "Helium Head" (2013), over the next four years, the band displayed a manic work ethic, releasing the albums "Bleeder" (2015) and "War Moans" (2017), tirelessly touring the USA and Europe, and inadvertently becoming something of a de facto house band at the trendy New York metal club, Saint Vitus.

With tour dates opening for acts like MASTODON and DANZIG, it seemed like MUTOID MAN's entry into the upper echelon of heavy metal heroes was inevitable.

However, amidst lineup changes, an exodus from Brooklyn, a slew of other musical projects, and a pandemic, the band was put on hold in the midst of their ascent. But after a six-year recording hiatus, MUTOID MAN is back to reclaim their throne with "Mutants."

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