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NOFX • Clay Pigeon LP • Pre-Order

NOFX • Clay Pigeon LP • Pre-Order

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Punk Rock Museum
Release date: Late April, arriving in Hamburg probably mid May 2024

NOFX release original demos from the Coaster/Frisbee session on vinyl only. First release on 4 different colours, one of them exclusive to in store customers at The Punk Rock Museum.

The punk rock museum is starting a record label! Well, it's more like a demo label. We will be releasing old unreleased demos from cool bands on vinyl only. We will be doing limited releases and limited colors and these will be available in the gift shop at the museum and through mail order. The museum will pay for all production and split the profits 50/50 with the bands. We think that having these very unique pressings will add to the whole museum experience. 

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