ONE STEP CLOSER • All You Embrace (White Vinyl) • LP

ONE STEP CLOSER • All You Embrace (White Vinyl) • LP

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Run For Cover Records
Release date: 17. May 2024
White vinyl 

LP includes Poster & 12" x 12" 24-page lyric booklet

One Step Closer has always believed that hardcore is limitless.
On All You Embrace, the band puts that theory into practice. Every release from the Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania band has seen them exploring the sonic overlaps of hardcore, emo, and `90s alternative rock without an iota of self-consciousness, or pretension, creeping into the mix All You Embrace is a collection of 11 songs that show One Step Closer reaching for something deeply honest and, as always, authentic.

"I wanted to showcase One Step Closer in its fullest state," says vocalist Ryan Savitski. "Every single part of the band, I wanted it to be there. I wanted us to be 100% ourselves and be as authentic to our band as we could possibly be." For fans of their first EP From Me To You, there are songs like "Blur My Memory," which show the passionate melodic hardcore the band built its name on is still part of the program. But it's immediately followed by "The Gate," a song that taps into the expansive reaches the band hinted at on This Place You Know and put on full display with the powerful follow-up EP, Songs For The Willow.

Every element of One Step Closer is on display throughout the record, as they expound upon every idea until each one has achieved its full potential. The result is a record that's bigger, catchier, and moodier than anything they've done before, while still feeling exactly like OSC.

Taken in full, All You Embrace is the sound of One Step Closer honoring their past while building a future that looks more open, more creative, and more expansive.
It's a place where records like Start Today, Diary, and Floral Green are all in conversation with one another.

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