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PHANTOM BAY • Underground • 12" EP

PHANTOM BAY • Underground • 12" EP

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German emotive post hardcore band Phantom Bay are stoking anticipation for their upcoming EP, ‘Underground’ 

Phantom Bay has built a reputation for their live performances, having shared stages with esteemed hardcore bands such as Militarie Gun, Turnstile, and One Step Closer. 

With their robust sound reminiscent of Patrick Kindlon (Drug Church, Self Defense Family), the emo leanings of Fiddlehead, and a unique touch of 00s melodic hardcore, Phantom Bay has skillfully amalgamated these influences. The result? A unique blend of punk music that has earned them an invite to the esteemed “Fest” in Gainesville, a haven for melodic hardcore.

Hailing from Bremen, Germany, Phantom Bay was formed in 2020 by members already deeply ingrained in the punk and hardcore scene. Their music embodies an eclectic mix of punk sub-genres, taking cues from 80s D.C. hardcore punk, 90s emo, and 00s melodic hardcore, all while maintaining an unwavering commitment to melodic excellence.

After their debut self-titled album release in 2022, Phantom Bay hit the road, touring Europe with Militarie Gun from Los Angeles and opening for hardcore giants Turnstile and One Step Closer. Fresh off their UK festival debut at Manchester Punk Fest in Spring 2023, the band is gearing up for their next performance at the legendary Fest in Gainesville this Fall.

Their upcoming EP, “Underground,” features an array of tracks that showcase the band’s songwriting prowess and versatile sound. Opening with the riff-packed “Airtight,” progressing to the catchy lead single “Ends Meet" and culminating with the powerful anthem “Collective Decline,” Phantom Bay demonstrates how multifaceted a punk record can sound today. 

1. Airtight
2. No Space
3. Bullet
4. Ends Meet
5. Collective Decline
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