PINCH POINTS • Mechanical Injury • LP

PINCH POINTS • Mechanical Injury • LP

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Six Tonnes De Chair Records

PINCH POINTS present the first-ever vinyl pressing of their 2018 debut EP MECHANICAL INJURY, celebrating the 5th anniversary of the release and featuring new bonus track ‘PAVE ME’.
This EP was originally released on cassette in 2018 through Roolette Records. 100 red cassettes were initially printed in ‘Australia’ alongside 100 yellow EU tapes through Six Tonnes de Chair, followed by a repress of 100 black/white cassettes in Aus.

MECHANICAL INJURY was self-recorded in the band’s Coburg house over 3 hours, just months after forming. Listening today, this EP represents the start of the evolution of PINCH POINTS’ songwriting. There’s a carefree slant to these songs. PP went down the riff rabbit hole until sections seemed to reach their natural conclusions, feeling fun and comfortable.

This EP was notably featured in Bandcamp’s top 100 releases of 2018. Editorial director J. Edward Keyes famously said: “…What comes across on Injury more than anything is a pure, unfiltered sense of joy; make no mistake: the machine that’s causing the titular injuries is capitalism, and the band is far from thrilled about it. But they’ve found a way to merge protest music with party music—think “Rock Lobster,” if it were about overthrowing the government. Pinch Points put the “riot” back in “riotous.”

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