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RANCID • B Sides And C Sides • DoLP • Pre-Order

RANCID • B Sides And C Sides • DoLP • Pre-Order

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Pirate Press Records 

Release date: 17. May 2024
....postponed to November 2024, wtf? 


Rancid‘s nonstop songwriting and marathon studio sessions often result in far too many songs to fit onto their albums. True Rancid fans know that in addition to their classic long players, many of their finest tracks have been released as single B-sides, bonus tracks, on compilations, or in some cases have remained in the band’s vault.


That is why B sides and C sides is no mere throwaway record, but an essential part of this classic band’s catalog. The songs collected here represent a cross section of everything that has made this band so beloved worldwide, including their creative genre hopping from blazing punk rock to danceable ska, to reggae, rockabilly, and more, all executed with some of the most impressive playing in the history of underground music.

The songs range from fan-favorites like “I Wanna Riot” to obscure hidden gems from rare or hard-to-find compilations, and a handful of studio recordings that were completely unreleased before this album, several coming from the fertile recording sessions for the band’s sprawling 1998 masterpiece Life Won’t Wait. Originally released on CD in 2007, most of the tracks range from the band’s early days through their sixth album, Indestructible, although the 2012 track “Fuck You,” from the Pirates Press Records compilation Oi! This is Streetpunk! Volume 2 was added to place a definitive final word on the collection when it was pressed on vinyl.


With the album being out of print and hard to find in its own right for the past ten years, Pirates Press Records is thrilled to partner with our friends in Rancid to remedy that situation, and make this essential piece of punk rock history available to their many fans across the globe - this time as an incredible double 12” with super deluxe colored vinyl and matching sleeve art. 

1. Ben Zanatto
2. Stop
3. Devil's Dance
4. Dead And Gone
5. Stranded
6. Killing Zone

1. 100 Years
2. Things To Come
3. Blast 'Em
4. Endrina
5. White Knuckle Ride
6. Sick Sick World

1. Tattoo
2. That's Entertainment
3. Clockwork Orange
4. The Brothels
5. Just A Feeling
6. Brixton

1. Emperor's Lap Dog
2. I Wanna Riot
3. Kill The Lights
4. Blacklisted
5. X-Mas Eve (She Got Up And Left Me)
6. Fuck You

Pressing Info:
1000pcs. - 2x12" Neon Magenta and Neon Green w/ Black Splatter Vinyl

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