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SHORELINE • Growth (Milky Clear Vinyl) • LP

SHORELINE • Growth (Milky Clear Vinyl) • LP

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After over 200 shows throughout Europe, including support slots for BASEMENT, SPANISH LOVE SONGS, BOSTON MANOR, and HOT WATER MUSIC, SHORELINE showcases their most progressive content and musicality to date on their new album GROWTH.
They prove that punk/rock remains relevant when young people revive and evolve the antiquated sound. The album addresses the reality of a political, young generation: the climate crisis, critical consumption, as well as very personal perspectives and experiences of anti-Asian racism, which vocalist Hansol Seung addresses on the record. GROWTH is a young person's attempt not to be shattered by the fact that personal matters are always political nowadays. Working alongside producer Jochen Stummbillig (Kaputtmacher Musikproduktionen), Shoreline has developed a clear vision of the ambivalent sound design on GROWTH: heavy drums are enticed by almost clean guitars, while contemporary pop passages intermittently break through the modern hardcore/punk production in an anthemic manner. GROWTH features international guest musicians such as NERVUS, KOJI, BE WELL, and SMILE AND BURN, who contribute features that perfectly complement the album's musicality while reflecting the band's zeitgeist: naturally grown networks, solidarity, and empowerment.

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