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SICK HYENAS • Sleepless NIghts • 7"

SICK HYENAS • Sleepless NIghts • 7"

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Rookie Records & La Pochette Surprise Records

Sick Hyenas revive 1960s garage-pop with their new single! The classic love song "Sleepless Nights" is also a declaration of love for 60s garage-pop, the analog look, unbuttoned shirts, and silver chains nestled against chest hair. The gel-styled hair is in place, and ethereal duet choruses lift the listeners higher on a cloud of emotions full of expansive 60s riffs and casually playful drum sets. Sick Hyenas conjure up a nearly 3½-minute portal to the past—a sweaty, sleepless night in the desert of the inner self, a self-destructive and passionate stream of thoughts paired with feelings of invincible longing and love. Unusually for the present time, the single comes with a B-side, the instrumental track "Twilight Zone"

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