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SICK LEAVE • s/t (Clear Orange Vinyl) • LP

SICK LEAVE • s/t (Clear Orange Vinyl) • LP

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Sick Leave play energetic ska-punk with pressure and passion. In contrast to other ska formations, the Hamburg band manages to unleash their brass-heavy live shows with only six people on stage.

After their formation in 2019 and some self-produced releases in the following two pandemic years, the first full-time studio album is finally done and is scheduled to be released on current streaming platforms and vinyl in 2023.

In the fall of ’22 the first pre-release “Let’s Call It” was released with a performance video.

In terms of influence, style and sound, the boys boldly ride all the three waves of ska, merging it with punk-varieties. The lyrics are sometimes funny and ironic, but often just fucking angry. Their shows are fast, loud, and fun, their songs danceable and arousing.

With the ska-punks of Sick Leave, a hungry live band enters the stage, which dedi- cates their music to all those who really want to dance and party again.

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