SIX FEET UNDER • Killing For Revenge • LP • Pre-Order

SIX FEET UNDER • Killing For Revenge • LP • Pre-Order

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Metal Blade
Release date: 10. May 2024
Crusted Blood Vinyl - EU indie record stores' version

"I chose the title Killing for Revenge after we completed writing and noticed that all the lyrics and storylines had a common theme of revenge. Revenge by human or revenge by nature or both in the song "Bestial Savagery," which describes the destructive paths of man-made storms," frontman Chris Barnes says.

Killing for Revenge marks the second album that Barnes and guitarist Jack Owen (also ex-Cannibal Corpse) have created together since reuniting for 2020's Nightmares of the Decomposed, an album one critic praised an "often slow-ish and doomy yet crushing death metal" which offered an "uncompromising show of strength."
Owen also produced Killing for Revenge. "We worked well together in Cannibal Corpse," Barnes says. " I loved him to death as a friend and a musician, so I'm really comfortable giving him the reins because I just have such great respect for him as an artist."

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