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Twisted Chords

Brand new debut album from the band made up of ex-COBRETTI and DENY EVERYTHING personnel as an LP in a 350g cover with a 280g disc sleeve and download code on TWISTED CHORDS. In October 2018, COBRETTI are history after more than a decade. But the Cologne-based band continues as SUPERPLEX and reactivates PABLO (ex-DENY EVERYTHING) as the new singer. The debut offers 13 highly melodic, rousing and catchy hardcore punk that doesn't want to hide its roots and of course sounds a little like the two original bands. But the sound is definitely further developed and perfected. Strong, catchy songs with melodic parts, gripping choirs, tempo changes and deep emotions. The almost perfect symbiosis of hardcore aggression and punk rock snottiness, overlapping, driving parts give each other high-fives with anthemic moments. Punk rock that has grown up without losing its ideals and the fun of it. One of those rare, wonderful albums that inspire right from the start and still grow with each listen and reveal new facets. It can be so easy and simple. And fans of the two missing bands will get their money's worth anyway.

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