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SUZI MOON • Dumb & In Luv (Color Vinyl) • LP

SUZI MOON • Dumb & In Luv (Color Vinyl) • LP

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Pirate Press Records

Originally from Southern California but relocated to Washington, DC, Suzi Moon and her band have put together an incredible debut album that is well worth the wait. "Dumb & In Luv" was actually written and mostly recorded before the release of her EPs - but she wanted to spend more time working on it to be able to present to you this cohesive collection of songs.
For fans of Ramones, Go-Go's, The Stooges, Joan Jett, and Social Distortion.

Track Listing:

1. Dumb & In Luv
2. Family Memories
3. California
4. Money
5. I Go Blind
6. Honey
7. Any Other Way
8. 99 Miles To Pasadena
9. Believe In Luv
10. Freedom

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