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THE BROKEDOWNS • Maximum Khaki • LP

THE BROKEDOWNS • Maximum Khaki • LP

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Red Scare Records

You know The Brokedowns have a new record on the way when songs like “Honk If You’re Horny” and “Osama Van Halen” are afoot. Chicagoland’s best-kept secret has once again emerged to collaborate with producer Joe Gac (Meat Wave, The Reaganomics, etc.) and delivered 14 new bangers. Every few years they surprise us with a batch of aggressive/catchy punk songs (imagine George Carlin fronting a band that sounds like Dillinger Four meets Hot Snakes).


1. Obey The Fumes
2. Ernest Becker At A Costco
3. Chakra Updates
4. UK82 Pt. 2: The Olds Are Not Alright
5. Man Graves (Masculine Caskets)
6. Samurai Sword Decontrol
7. Stay Calm Stay Cruel
8. I’m Sore
9. Honk If You’re Horny
10. Cinnamon King
11. Satan In Quarantine
12. Kony 2022
13. Osama Van Halen
14. Khaki Majesty

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