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THE DROWNS • View From The Bottom • LP

THE DROWNS • View From The Bottom • LP

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Gunner Records 

Consisting of (former) members from formations like Success, Shell Corporation, The Briggs, or Time Again, The Drowns bring together well over 40 years of musical, stage, and scene experience. It would almost be daunting if these ten rock-solid, anthemic, dynamic smashers came from a young, completely unknown band. Contrary to the US societal rollback, they present a message of hope. Throughout "View To The Bottom," highly melodic songs follow one another, ranging from 90s Melodic Punk to Streetpunk and even Emo. References abound, with bands like Bouncing Souls or Nothington not far away. The Drowns consistently deliver top-class singalong punk rock, not missing out on critical depth in content, all packaged in a raw but by no means too sparse production. 

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