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THE HIGH TIMES • Feelings (Red Vinyl) • LP

THE HIGH TIMES • Feelings (Red Vinyl) • LP

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Gunner Records

The High Times are back!
The new album of the 4 individuals from Zurich revolves around a tumultuous time with many highs and some lows. A collective journey into a new adventure, yet a return to their musical roots. The melodic and uncompromising Bay Area punk rock continues to shape the band's musical creation, giving the new album its very individual touch. Still energetic and filled with significant melodies, but more mature and contemplative, The High Times' second release presents itself. With the hope of taking the listeners on a fantastic journey, "Feelings" radiates not only hope and confidence but also a concentrated burst of emotions: "Say goodbye to last night's lullaby, we've got ourselves another day, another chance to change our ways!"

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