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TILT • Play Cell (Deluxe Edition - reissue) • DoLP

TILT • Play Cell (Deluxe Edition - reissue) • DoLP

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Lavasocks Records / Lookout Records

This 2xLP comes with an entire record of bonus tracks, plus the original album fully remixed and remastered by Bart Thurber. Comes with a download code!

LP 1:
Crying Jag
White Homes
Dead Bum
Play Cell
Fool To Blame
Small Bills
Yellow Bellies
One Day
Come Across
Idiot Lips
Unlucky Lounge
Bad Seed
Poor Infant
Nothing From You (Outtake)

LP 2:
Needless Worry (Demo)
Come Across (Demo)
Locust (Demo)
Crying Jag (Demo)
Poor Infant (Demo)
White Homes (Demo)
Hit It
Nervous Breakdown (Live at the Phoenix)
Crying Jag (Live at Gilman)
Drunk Lullabye

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