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TORPEDO MOSKAU • Malenkaja Rabota (Blue Vinyl) • LP

TORPEDO MOSKAU • Malenkaja Rabota (Blue Vinyl) • LP

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Hulk Räckorz

Torpedo Moscow from Hamburg released their LP 'Malenkaja Rabota' in 1984, surprising with a departure from the typical fun/political/anarcho or other punk styles of that time. Instead, they presented melancholic, profound, and doubtful lyrics, three-part vocals, and a dark yet ultra-energetic, wild sound with clear influences from US hardcore.

The question of whether punk was dead or not could be comfortably set aside while immersing oneself, in silent awe, in the music that could 'blow your mind against the wall in a burst of enthusiasm' (Peter Glaser).

That was 40 years ago.
Torpedo Moscow disbanded in 1986, and the album had been officially unavailable for about 20 years, neither in analog nor digital formats.

The band members, Martin Witte, Arne Wagner, and Stephan Mahler pursued the path they had paved with 'Malenkaja Rabota': C3i, Noise Annoys, Angeschissen, Das Moor, Arm, Kommando Sonnenmilch.

Now, with the regained publishing rights, the band finally has the opportunity to reintroduce the album to the world: with a revised gatefold cover, turquoise vinyl, a new master (including two bonus tracks – the 1984 sampler contributions 'Was wollt ihr' and 'Halt's Maul'), and liner notes by Jan Müller (Tocotronic).

There are rumors that there might even be some concerts in Hamburg and Berlin in 2024. 

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