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URGE • Noiseversity (Coloured Vinyl) • LP

URGE • Noiseversity (Coloured Vinyl) • LP

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Rookie Records

URGE is a part of independent alternative music history! As early as 1990, Urge released their first full-length album, "Listen Carefully To The Powerful Urge Outburst," followed shortly by their debut studio album, "Why Hide The Lie," in 1991. In the same year, they accompanied the Washington legend FUGAZI on their European tour.

The desire to continue was rekindled at the beginning of 2022, and now they aim to ignite a slow and steady blaze!
With their new songs "Interfere the Game," released in early 2023, and "Brainwashed," Urge has already sparked the ember for more new songs. Now, all 6 songs are being released on Rookie Records. 

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