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LISTENER • Time Is A Machine • LP

LISTENER • Time Is A Machine • LP

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Sounds Of Subterrania 2014

Listener have teamed up with Sounds of Subterrania to do a special limited run of 500 copies of each of their 3 records (Time is a Machine, Wooden Heart, and Return to Struggleville) with new artwork for each record on 180 gram black vinyl. This is a very limited run, so get your copies reserved soon.
The artwork is by Greg Coulton. The paper is a slightly metallic brown color (Gmund Treasury Traditional) , and the artwork is laser etched in to the paper. It took 22 minutes for the laser machine to complete each sleeve. It comes with a lyric insert (silver ink on black card stock), and is all in a heavy duty plastic protective sleeve. We are pleased to present this limited run to you all. They are really cool pieces of art.

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