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PJ BOND • Ten Degrees And The Floor • 7"

PJ BOND • Ten Degrees And The Floor • 7"

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Since April of 2009 I have been traveling around the world, singing songs and making friends. In that time I've been lucky enough to meet incredible people who've appreciated what I do enough to ask me to stick around for a while, which has led to me temporarily living in places like Swansea (Wales), Asheville (NC), Grand Rapids (MI) and Portland (OR), while passing through loads of places in between. It would be rather tough to begin to describe how interesting this has all been to me, but at very least I must say this: People are incredible. There are often moments when each of us questions how terrible
things could happen so often in our world, whether it's after hearing a tragic news story or seeing something happen to a loved one. The truth is, though, that in the scheme of history, we are living in very peaceful times. This coupled with the fact that so many of us rarely take the time to get to know strangers makes our world seem bleak at times. I believe that this is not the case, but merely an issue of miseducation and misunderstanding. I've had the distinct pleasure of being able, and at times forced, to hang out with a great cross section of people around the globe, and, almost without fail, have found them amazingly warm, welcoming and kind.

During these travels I found myself thinking about the good things and the bad things that have led me to where I am, and eventually bits of these thoughts made their ways into songs. In the spring of 2012 I will be releasing a bunch of music in more traditional ways, but for now I wanted to share some songs and videos of a few things I've been working on as of late.

The idea for these was not to make a single record or have a unifying theme, more so to touch on a variety of sounds and sights that I appreciate. I hope you'll appreciate them too. I wish you safe travels.
PJ Bond

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