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WARM NEEDLES • Inconsolable • LP

WARM NEEDLES • Inconsolable • LP

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Hectic Society

“You either got into punk because you listened to metal or you were a skater.” That statement has been argued more than once over patio beers between the forty-plus punk age bracketers. Warm Needles could probably be easily relegated to Fest/Tampa/beard-punk by lazier catagorists. However, the four-string pummel and swell, the steady thump of the bass drum, and the guitar tone took me straight to the land of NWOBHM and the classic Judas Priest “Point of Entry.” Yes, there are singalong parts, some of which reach for the sky but fall flat. Others (“Severed Clean”) soar like the the grandest of RVIVR tracks. And yes, punkers will drench their chin growth in PBR during Warm Needles 3:00 PM afternoon Fest set. But me, I’m gonna make a copy of this album for the car and head out to the highway, ‘cause I got nothing to lose at all." (Razorcake)

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