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FRESH • Withdraw • LP

FRESH • Withdraw • LP

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New album from twee, lo-fi, indie-pop band Garden Centre! Garden Centre are a band that encompass the childish wonder of our every day. On their self titled debut they deconstructed the thoughts and feelings of a friendship group forged in the fires of forgotten spaces. In 2018’s followup ‘Monster Energy’ they tackled energy drink consumption and semi rural exploration.

Now, on their new album ‘A Moon For Digging’, they’ve reaffirmed their ability to look at the world a little differently. Conveying simple, starry-eyed narratives with a tentative sense of optimism, Garden Centre’s sweet, playground melodies will urge you to look up from your phone and notice the little things; the hidden things.

01. Withdraw
02. Nervous Energy
03. Going To Brighton
04. Willa
05. No Thanks
06. New Girl
07. In Over My Head
08. Getting Ready
09. Punisher
10. Nothing
11. Revenge
12. Reprise

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