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RADIATOR HOSPITAL • Play The Songs You Like • LP

RADIATOR HOSPITAL • Play The Songs You Like • LP

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Salinas Records 

This album was recorded May 1st-4th 2017 at Uniform Recording by Jeff Zeigler. It was mastered by Carl Saff. Jeff Bolt played drums. Sam Cook-Parrott sang and played guitar. Jon Rybicki played bass. Cynthia Schemmer played guitar and sang. All words written by Sam Cook-Parrott except "Sycamore" which is a song by the band Martha. Front cover art by Jason Roy. Back cover photo by Catherine Elicson. Layout by Mikey Cantor. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Jeff, Carl, Jason, Catherine, Marco, Mikey, Eloy, all our housemates for putting up with loud practices, everyone who ever booked us a show, everyone who has supported our music. We love you.

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