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HOT WATER MUSIC • The New What Next (Reissue) • LP

HOT WATER MUSIC • The New What Next (Reissue) • LP

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Album number 6.
Among all the HWM albums on Epitaph, "The new what's next?" is clearly my favorite, even though many might initially be taken aback by the noticeably smoother sound at the beginning of the record.
The new songs have become somewhat rockier and perhaps a bit more restrained, which may be a result of Chris and Chuck's increased confidence in their vocal abilities. While in the past, the gravelly singing of the two frontmen often overshadowed the music, there is now room to pay more attention to the arrangements. And what HWM offers here is more than exciting. This band continues to be a stalwart in the punk business. Edgy, outstanding, sublime, and reliable. 

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