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TERRORGRUPPE • Musik Für Arschlöcher (Reissue) • LP

TERRORGRUPPE • Musik Für Arschlöcher (Reissue) • LP

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Destiny Records

Loving vinyl reissue of the legendary debut album from 1995, remastered. "Musik Für Arschlöcher" hit the (German-speaking) punk scene in 1995 like an bomb on Legoland.

With songs like "Keine Airbags Für Die CSU," "Schöner Strand," "Kinderwahnsinn," "Rumhängen," "Dicke Deutsche," "1977," "Linda," or "Ich Bin Ein Punk," there were immediately dozens of punk gems that still unfold their subversive impact today in terms of sound, aggressiveness, and dark humor.

"One of the 5 best German punk records is 'Musik für Arschlöcher.' The boy group of punk in the 90s with their big bang."
(Plastic Bomb Fanzine)

Fun, politics, punk, provocation, and cheekiness - the reissue of the classic is now pressed on vinyl for the first time since 1995, meticulously remastered, with a download code, heavy 350g cardboard cover, and a 4-page comic sheet. 

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