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ANNA WYDRA • The Absurdity Of Being • LP

ANNA WYDRA • The Absurdity Of Being • LP

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La Pochette Surprise Records

Mental health, unconventional relationship models, jealousy,
unsuccessful dating experiences or the banality and transitoriness of our
a coming-of-age album, as if quoted from a diary, recorded by a street artist in a
trailer in Schleswig-Holstein's countryside.
For Fans of: Courtney Barnett, Norah Jones, Phoebe Bridges

A1. Quality Time
A2. Life As An Ant
A3. The Absurdity Of Being
A4. I Wish You'd Stroke Me Like You Stroke The Dog
A5. Jealousy
B1. Looks
B2. Strange Boi
B3. Lovetoy
B4. Nothing's Fixed
B5. Great Friends
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