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MANTAR • Death By Burning (Coloured Vinyl) • LP

MANTAR • Death By Burning (Coloured Vinyl) • LP

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In February 2014, the two-headed German-Turkish drums/guitar monster Mantar released its debut on Svart Records. It's like early Melvins on a Darkthrone trip! Not unlike Satan's Wrath! It's incredibly fun, this groovy riff monster, like Fu Manchu from hell. And in the end, there's "March Of Crows," which blows out the sun with Conan-like dragging power. And it turns black. Really awesome! Kneel before Mantar and fear!

Recorded in 2013 and baptized with the name "Death By Burning," the album is raw, self-produced, and forcefully demonstrates the pure power of DIY. The half-German, half-Turkish band has been around for less than a year and has released a limited 7", which sold out in no time. MANTAR manages to sound harder than any band with five or more members - even though no bass was used on this album. Only drums and guitar, pointing towards total destruction. Forget rock'n'roll! This will hurt! Brutal beats and blackened melodies collide with orgies of feedback and doom. Early MELVINS, MOTÖRHEAD, and DARKTHRONE. However you like it. Just don't call it sludge. Everything is as black as possible. A soundtrack for the final battle.

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